An authentic traditional Maori experience!

Hangi Meal

Mitai are proud to offer you an authentic hangi meal that is cooked in the earth oven known as ‘the hangi pit’.

Side dishes includes a scalloped potatoes and kumara (sweet potatoe) bake with a cheese topping, Seafood Chowder, freshly baked Garlic Bread, and Rewana Bread (traditional maori bread).

A range of salads is on offer including Cauliflower with Sesame Seeds, Sweet Corn & Rice dish and Freshly Tossed Garden Salad.

Your hangi meal consists of succulent Lamb, Chicken, Potatoe, Kumara (Sweet Potatoe), Stuffing is complemented with rich brown gravy and thick mint sauce.

Desserts include tropical Fruit Salad, Chocolate Log, Steam Pudding and Custard.

Full bar facilities are available and Chilled Spring Water straight from Fairy Spring is served to your table.

War Canoe / Waka

Hand carved by the Mitai family, the waka (ancient war canoe) paddles by, leaving you spellbound.

See warriors by night in traditional dress traveling down the Wai-O-Whiro Stream as was done many years ago.

This experience is powerful, emotional, truly captivating and unforgettable.

Cultural Performance

Our cultural performance is real, raw and earthy. It is a fascinating performance full of emotion and power.

In the tranquil natural bush setting, our performers take you back in time when the ancient Maori customs and traditions were part of everyday life. Through songs and dances plus tales and legends told, you will learn a great deal about our fascinating past.

You will hear tales about the way we interacted with the European settlers many generations ago, our music, carving, the usefulness of plants and ta moko (tattooing). Tattoos are just one of the ways that demonstrate the strong ties that Maori people have with their cultural heritage and we will explain why.

The displays of weaponry and combat that are shown during the performance will fascinate you. Coupled with the grace and beauty of the poi dance and the spine tingling haka finale, this is an interactive, and unforgettable experience for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

Guided Bush Walk Glow Worms

Mitai Village is home to Rotorua’s only glow worms in their natural setting. They make a spectacular backdrop to the beautiful stream that flows through the bush.

Mitai is also home to the sacred Fairy Spring, that releases over twenty four million litres of pure spring water every day.

In Maori mythology, some springs were regarded as ‘places where the Gods sprung out of the water’. A priest (Tohunga) would visit the Spring and ask the Gods whether this was an appropriate time to plant crops or make war.

If it was the right time, as legend has it, a column of light like a clear Rainbow would arise from the water. This is how this sacred place got the name Rainbow Springs. It is also the location where the Fairy People (Patupaiarehe) would descend the slopes of Mt Ngongotaha at night to visit the springs and drink from the waters of life.

This guided bush walk will let you learn about the history of the area, the old medicinal uses of the native flora and fauna and fascinating myths and legends